This Privacy Policy describes the ways you can use allfestivalstatus services, how and when allfestivalstatus collects information when you use our Services. allfestivalstatus may receive your information through various Social Networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc. using their publicly available Web apis/Sdks.

Our Privacy Policy Includes:


We provide free text statuses, quotes, facts, Images, emotion basis text data that you can use without creating account or login.You can submit your own status by simply submitting a simple form. You can search any keyword or can use our categories available on allfestivalstatus.

Information Collection

Account Information: We may collect your basic information like name, gender,short  description about you that have been provided by various social networking sites Like using Facebook Application, Google plus, Twitter using their SDKS or apis, according to their terms and conditions, privacy policy that you agreed with them.

Your Name: We collect your name when you post status, message over allfestivalstatus.

Links: allfestivalstatus may keep track of how you interact with links across our Services. We do this to help improve our Services

Cookies: We use cookies like many other websites and similar technologies to collect additional usage data and to improve our Services, but we do not require cookies for many parts of our Services such as searching. Cookie is a variable or small file that transferred to hard disk for browser side information saving. We may use Sessions.

Data Log: We may receive information such as your IP address, browser type, operating system, the referring web page, pages visited and cookie information. We receive Log Data when you interact with our Services, like when you visit our website. We will either delete Log Data.

Google Analytics: We are using Google Analytics to track our website using daily sessions, page views, active pages, demographics and other information provided by Google Analytics.

Information Usage

Posting: We may use your information provided by Facebook, Twitter, Google plus to post images and text on your behalf on your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus profiles or on your friends profiles using the SDKS, APIS provided by them.

Policy Towards Children

As we provide free content like statuses, quotes, images, facts. We provide account registration only using Facebook, Twitter, Google plus sdks.

Policy Updation

We update policy time to time, you can view it at

We are not affiliated by or to Facebook, Google and Twitter in any way.